Diseñamos y Organizamos Aventuras Místicas en los ANDES y la AMAZONIA. 💚 EXPLORE PERÚ & ITS MUSIC 🎶
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In Istalla Trek, we are passionate about exploring the lesser-traveled corners of the Andes and the Amazon, connecting travelers with the nature, culture, and spirituality of these majestic destinations. Our team is made up of passionate adventurers and expert guides who have tirelessly explored the mountains, jungles, and deserts of the region, accumulating vast experience and knowledge that we enthusiastically share on every trip we organize. Whether you're looking for an exhilarating trekking expedition through the mountains, an immersion in the lush Amazon jungle, or a cultural experience in a remote Andean village, you'll find the perfect companion for your adventure at Istalla Trek.
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Vision and Misision

Vision: To be leaders in creating transformative travel experiences that connect people with the nature, culture, and spirituality of the Andes and the Amazon, exploring lesser-known corners and honoring the cultural authenticity of the destinations.

Mission: At Istalla Trek, we are dedicated to designing unique and authentic adventures that go beyond conventional trekking, connecting travelers with local communities and native music. We promote sustainable tourism and generate positive impact in communities, respecting and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Andes and the Amazon.


1. Authenticity and cultural respect.
2. Environmental and socioeconomic sustainability.
3. Inclusion and diversity.
4. Passion for adventure and excellence in service.
5. Emotional connection and creativity.
6. Hospitality and continuous innovation.

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Istalla Trek E.I.R.L. is dedicated to providing you with a vacation experience that you will enjoy to the fullest and remember for a lifetime. Before booking a trip with us, please refer to our booking terms and conditions detailed on this page.